SERIE 514 - PC Cabinets 19''

The series 514 models is a cabinet to mount 19" racks, designed to fulfill the demands in the assemble of PC servers in the industrial ambit. It is prepared to install motherboards AT, ATX or Baby AT (extended). Also allows the use of sources PS" or mini rudundant (optional).


Depending on the motherboard, you will be able to connect any USB device at the front of the cabinet. The tow available slots permit to connect "key chains", mousse, zip drivers, or any other device necessary for the maintenance and actualization of the server.


The entire cabinet remains outside the rack. This allows a quick access to the interior of the equipment to upgrade hard drives, repair the source, etc., without needing to take it out from the rack.


All Gabiart's rackable PC cabinets are fabricated with a locking top. This door protects the CD, the disk drive, the on-and-off and the rest buttons, and the USB front ports. Both versions in the two sizes are available in beige and black.


Built in a 1 mm thick iron plate, finished with furnanced epoxi powder. Interior zinc panels for connectors, slots and motherboard dish.
• Cooling system with 2 coolers (80x80x25 mm) in the back (optional).
• Frontal connection with double USB slots, reset button and indication leads for Power, HDD, LAN and ventilation failure.
• Front door with air filter and lock with security key.
• Easy access to interior, one-screw-opening of cabinet in the back.
• Two depths (475 mm / 18,70" and 560 mm / 22") in 4U / RMS.
• Feeding source not included.


Right Side > 5.25" x 3 + 3.5" x 1
Middle > 3.5" x 2
Left Side > 5.25" x slim CD x 1
Interior > HDD x 2

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